Why People Love Incandescent, Hate Fluorescent, and Think They Like LEDs

toyota-board-011Surely you know all about Thomas Edison. He was a genius! But what about George Inman? Or Nick Holonyak Jr.? Not exactly household names, yet like Edison, these men changed the world of lighting with new technologies. Inman gave us fluorescent lamps. Holonyak, the LED. Despite advertising and good press, neither lamp technology has captured the public imagination or rapidly led to such a major change in the way we light our homes and businesses as did Edison’s incandescent light bulb.

I’ve designed lighting fixtures for decades. I’ve worked with all three techologies, plus halogen, to design lighting fixtures for every room of the home, plus offices and hotels. Unlike others who force new technology into old forms, my approach is to create the “right package” for each type of lamp based on its shape, size and unique performance demands. I must be doing something right; I think I’ve won more Lighting For Tomorrow awards than any other fixture designer. Sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Energy, the annual competition recognizes innovative design in energy-efficient residential lighting.

Why do people love incandescent lamps, hate fluorescent and think they like LEDs? I have a few opinions on the subject. Click here to read my full article.