Introducing BlackJack Lighting

BlackJack Lighting is a design- and technology-driven US-based lighting manufacturer headquartered in suburban Chicago. BlackJack Lighting was founded by award-winning lighting designer Stephen Blackman, Chief Design Officer.

Architects, interior designers, lighting specifiers and sophisticated homeowners comprise the audience for BlackJack’s leading-edge decorative LED lighting. The Starburst LED chandelier is shown at left.

BlackJack Lighting designs are not only beautiful and original, they are among the first of a new generation of decorative lighting fixtures specifically designed with LED light sources for general, ambient and task illumination. The BlackJack product line is designed exclusively by Stephen Blackman, a lighting industry design veteran and thought leader.

During his 30-year career, Blackman’s designs have evolved as technology shifted from incandescent and halogen lighting, fluorescent and compact fluorescent light sources to LEDs and, most recently, OLEDs. Going forward, Stephen Blackman will continue to lead the industry; BlackJack Lighting will be among the first to incorporate emerging lighting technology into new designs.

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