Patents for Swirl, Starburst

Stephen Blackman LEDucation8 NYC The latest patents to be awarded to Blackjack Lighting President Stephen Blackman pertain to two of the company’s best-selling designs, the Swirl LED Pendant (US Patent D730,562S) and the Starburst LED Pendant (US Patent D731,105S).

During his 30-year career, Blackman’s designs have evolved as technology shifted from incandescent and halogen lighting, fluorescent and compact fluorescent light sources to LEDs and OLEDS. Swirl, winner of three major lighting industry awards in 2014; and the Starburst are emblematic of Blackman’s approach to LED light fixture design. Beautiful and original, Blackman’s fixtures for Blackjack are among the first of a new generation of decorative lighting specifically designed with LED light sources for general, ambient and task illumination.