Starburst’s New Options

760-540-WHTstb-1Blackjack Lighting’s Starburst Chandelier works in applications once dominated by incandescent chandeliers. This design by Stephen Blackman breaks new ground with optical light guides at the end of each arm. The faceted optical acrylic light guides are laser cut to a sharp, flat edge and treated with a special coating to optimize LED illumination. (US Patent D731,105S)

Blackjack Lighting’s iconic Starburst comes in three finishes: Polished Chrome, Brushed Brass and White. A new canopy option accommodates three Starburst Chandeliers, which can hang at variable heights. Sold as a package with Triple Canopy and three Starburst Chandeliers. Each of the three Starburst Chandeliers comes with 42″ of stem sections. Additional stems sections can be purchased separately based on job requirements.