Seraph Chandelier Wins LFT Grand Prize

seraph-760x540-2Blackjack Lighting’s Seraph chandelier is a 2016 Lighting For Tomorrow (LFT) Grand Prize award winner in the Indoor LED Fixtures category. Seraph Chandelier was designed by Stephen Blackman, Blackjack Lighting President and Chief Design Officer.

Founded by Blackman in 2013, Blackjack Lighting has received two other Lighting For Tomorrow awards. In 2014, the award went to Swirl chandelier (US Patent D730, 562S) designed by Blackman. The 2015 winner was Blackman’s Wedge chandelier. Seraph’s Grand Prize award was announced Sept. 12 via a live webcast hosted by the American Lighting Association, a competition sponsor.

Seraph’s Grand Prize gives Blackman a record 15 LFT awards—more than any other designer. In fact, the Salem chandelier Blackman designed (shown at left) for American Fluorescent (Now AFX Inc.) won a Grand Prize in the first Lighting For Tomorrow competition in 2004. At the time, the concept of tucking compact fluorescent light sources into faux wax candles on a decorative chandelier was radically new.

With the Seraph chandelier, Blackman shows us how the newest lighting (LEDs) and the oldest (candles) might converge. Slender candles glow inside clear acrylic “Seraphs,” yet there are no flames. Laser etchings illuminated by LEDs positioned below the light guides create this magical vision.

seraph-760x540-3The 23″ three-tier Seraph chandelier (or the 31″ four-tier version) is shown in Polished Chrome or Matte Black with a choice of Candle or Bubble Seraph light guides. Features include replaceable light sources, instant on/off and TRIAC-compatible dimming. Other designs in the Seraph Collection include a two-light sconce and several new pendants.