Blackjack Returns to LEDucation

Seraph-24x24-resi-try-1Blackjack Lighting’s new Seraph Modular System will be on display in Booth AH 1200  at LEDucation 2017. The annual event takes place this year March 28 and 29 at the New York Hilton Midtown Hotel.

The Seraph System uses a 2×2′ square fixture that serves as a single, 25-light pendant or as a module. Modules can be snugly placed, one next to another, to create even very large fixtures. The basic modular square is sold with 25 pendants on 12′ cords that can be hung straight, staggered or in 3D forms. The cords adjust easily without cutting or splicing; handy grippers secure the determined length. The extra cord gets wound up and tucked into the fixture, which tilts open and shut for this very purpose.

Available in Polished Chrome or Matte Black, the Seraph Modular system offers a choice of seven Seraph pendants, including Blackjack Lighting’s award-winning Candle Seraph. READ MORE