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STEPHEN BLACKMAN is President and Chief Design Officer of Blackjack Lighting. With more than 30 years of experience and a vast portfolio of lighting designs sold by America’s largest lighting manufacturers, Blackman is a renowned designer and industry-leading thinker whose ideas have shaped and influenced how lighting fixtures look and perform both here in North America and abroad.

Over the years, thousands of Blackman-designed lighting fixtures have been sold by his lighting manufacturer clients for use in homes, hotels, health care facilities, offices and other commercial spaces. Among his most iconic designs is the Elf sconce produced and sold by Illuminating Experiences. Many of his designs have won important awards, including numerous Lighting For Tomorrow Awards presented by the American Lighting Assn., Underwriters Laboratories and the Consortium For Energy Efficiency.

For Blackjack Lighting these include:

    • In September 2014, Blackjack’s Swirl pendant (US Patent D730,562S) won a Lighting For Tomorrow award.
    • In September 2015, Blackman’ Wedge chandelier won a Lighting For Tomorrow award.
    • In September 2016, Blackman’ Seraph chandelier won the Lighting For Tomorrow Grand Prize award.
    • In September 2017, Blackman’s Iridium pendant won a Lighting For Tomorrow award in the Decorative Lighting category.

    Blackjack represents Blackman’s desire to satisfy the segment of the market that places a premium on stunning design and the very newest lighting technology. An engineer and an artist, Blackman is gearing Blackjack to be the leading purveyor of a new generation of decorative lighting.

    “When it comes to design, basically I feel form follows function,” Blackman says. “In lighting, that means the light fixture should relate to the form of the light source. That is how I have always approached my work as a designer, even though sometimes that makes the work more difficult — but the end result is better and more true to the technology. My designs for Blackjack incorporate the latest technology and represent a new approach to designing fixtures with solid state light sources.”

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