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  • I Want to Lead the LED Revolution

    January is traditionally a busy month for the lighting industry. I’m busy, too. My clients, T-Opto, and Kichler Lighting, are introducing products I’ve been working on for months. I am especially excited about T-Opto’s new modular LED components for the OEM market. One LED system is designed specifically for wall sconces. The other LED we […]
  • 1,000 Points of Light

    Most incandescent lighting decorative fixtures are just that—decorative. The stylized housing surrounding the incandescent lamp technology adds nothing to the efficacy of the lamp, but means everything to the look and feel, and desirability, of the fixture. Everyone is talking about LEDs and their lumens per watt, yet not enough people are talking about the […]
  • Using the Computer as a Design Tool

    The computer can create shapes and forms that the unaided hand cannot fashion.  The computer can tirelessly sculpt hundreds of exact details in the surface of a product and, at the same time, blend complex profiles into a strand of gummy licorice the likes of which have never been able to be nimbly detailed or […]
  • Why People Love Incandescent, Hate Fluorescent, and Think They Like LEDs

    Surely you know all about Thomas Edison. He was a genius! But what about George Inman? Or Nick Holonyak Jr.? Not exactly household names, yet like Edison, these men changed the world of lighting with new technologies. Inman gave us fluorescent lamps. Holonyak, the LED. Despite advertising and good press, neither lamp technology has captured […]
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