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Product Description

Winner of three major design awards, Swirl Pendant (US Patent D730,562S) exemplifies Stephen Blackman’s luminous form approach to LED lighting design. Lab and field tested, Swirl has significantly more performance than the round incandescent or fluorescent fixture it replaces.

• Stamped and fabricated steel and aluminum construction with plated Satin Nickel finish
• Available in three sizes: 16″ – 23″ – 32″

• A 42” maximum length adjustable stem kit is included

• Fixture can be ordered with additional 24” stem. Each fixture provides a 12’ wire length to accept up to 4 additional stem sections (8 feet) for a maximum stem length of 11’6”

• Efficacy of 86 lumens/watt with a dimmable 3577 lumens of light output, L70 tested life of 60,000 hours

• Replaceable light source – Uses flexible LED strips with modular connectors

• Instant on/off; dimmable with TRIAC dimmer (16”, 23”)

• Universal voltage (100-277V), 0-10V Dimming (32” only)

• Find more information at www.lightingfacts.com

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