BlackJack Lighting General Warranty

Except as provided below, Blackjack Lighting, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company ("Blackjack") provides a limited, non-assignable one (1) year warranty from date of purchase to the original purchaser only of all Blackjack products (the "Products"), that the same are free from defects in material and workmanship. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Blackjack provides an additional limited three (3) year non-assignable warranty from date of purchase to the original purchaser only of all Blackjack integrated or replaceable LED light sources and LED power supplies that are included with a Product at the time of purchase. These LED components will be covered against failure to operate, provided the piece is proven to be defective.

Blackjack’s above warranty applies only under conditions of normal use and only when installed in strict conformity with Blackjack supplied instructions and all applicable codes. The foregoing limited warranties do not apply to natural aging of Products or components and further does not apply to and will be void with respect to defects or other problems that result, directly or indirectly from negligence, improper cleaning, misuse, abnormal mechanical or environmental conditions, unauthorized disassembly, repair/modification, or accidental damage of any kind.

Upon final confirmation of a defect or failure and proof of purchase (i.e. presentation of the original purchase receipt or invoice), Blackjack's warranty obligations are limited to repair or replacement of the applicable Product or component as determined by Blackjack in its sole discretion. The warranties cover only the repair or replacement of Product or component itself. Blackjack has no liability for packing costs, shipping costs, labor costs, installation costs, or other losses.

Except as set forth above, Blackjack makes no other warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability, non-infringement or fitness for a particular purpose. Under no circumstances will Blackjack be liable to any other party (i) compensation, indemnification, reimbursement or damages because of the loss of anticipated sales or prospective profits or because of expenditures, investments, leases, property improvements or any other matters related to the business or goodwill of the other party; or (ii) punitive, exemplary, special, indirect or other consequential damages.

BlackJack Lighting Return Policy

Subject to the remaining terms of this policy as set forth below, a reseller of any Product may offer to its end-user customers (a "Customer") a "return option". With respect thereto, within 10 business days after a Customer's actual taking possession of and obtaining legal title to any Product (the "Customer Receipt Date"), if the Customer is unsatisfied with a Product for any reason the reseller may offer to take such Product back from the Customer and then return it to Blackjack. As stated above, Blackjack will process a reseller's return only if the original Customer return to reseller is made within 10 days of the Customer Receipt Date and reseller notifies Blackjack as set forth below. In addition, such returns are for credit or exchange only and will be subject to a 25% restocking charge.

Returns under this policy must receive prior written authorization from Blackjack which must be requested in writing by the reseller within 10 days of reseller's receipt of the applicable Product from the Customer. Please call for Returned Goods Authorization (RGA). Blackjack will not accept any returned Product for any reason without its RGA number displayed prominently on shipment. Reseller is responsible for shipping the applicable Product back to Blackjack and all costs related thereto. Reseller must also include a copy of your invoice marked "Returned for Credit" with the applicable Product and must pass inspection by the Blackjack return team to insure that the same has not been damaged or misused prior to being approved for the credit referred to above.