About Us
Decorative Design + Knowledgeable Engineering

Blackjack Lighting’s award-winning designs are specified by interior designers and architects. They cross residential and commercial installations. Commercial applications include custom marquis entrance ways and restaurants that deploy pendants with etched designs and/or color changing technology for remarkable effects.

From residential chandeliers, vanity fixtures and linear lighting to LED pendants specified by architects to fill thirty-foot-tall entrance ways, Blackjack delivers smart engineering and sublime design.

Blackjack Lighting uses the highest quality materials, with tightly binned LED, custom optics and commercial-grade components tapping into the latest proven technologies.

About the Designer
Stephen Blackman

Stephen Blackman founded Blackjack Lighting and serves as Director of Product Development and Manufacturing. "One of the benefits of being in the lighting field for 30 years is seeing it change. The palate we work with has grown immensely, giving us opportunities to play with light, color temperature and form that we only dreamed of a decade ago," said Blackman.

Blackman’s ideas have influenced how lighting fixtures look and perform both in North America and abroad and his fixtures can be seen in thousands of installations around the world.

Blackman’s designs for Blackjack Lighting have garnered a variety of industry awards including several Lighting For Tomorrow Awards presented by the American Lighting Assn., Underwriters Laboratories and the Consortium For Energy Efficiency.